August 19, 2010

Bed Bugs

Entomologists are saying they haven't seen this many Bed Bugs since before World War II. The bugs have taken over a NYC movie theatre in Times Square, the NJ Goldman Sachs building, and most recently infested an upscale Apt. complex in Detroit.
After reading these alarming articles, I realized we might have our own bed bugs, so I did some research. This is what I found.

How can you tell if you have bed bugs?
Complaints of bites while sleeping - or waking up because you're uncomfortable...(hmmm no bites but definitely waking in the middle of the night around 4AM. I better read on.)

What should you do if you find beg bugs?
Be certain you have them. Compare pictures to confirm their identity.

What can you do to manage bed bugs?
Refer to the mgmt flow chart below.

Well, based on this chart, I've inspected our sleeping area. I did find two bugs. It tells me to compare them to the images of the traditional bug.

Traditional Bug

Bug One

Bug Two

They dont seem to match the traditional bug, so according to the chart it tells me not to treat. For now I'll follow the chart's flow for preventative measures, and reduce clutter and restrict access to our bed. Possibly a large rail or deer fence might work.

This will hopefully keep out Bug One and Bug Two from appearing in our bed each night. It's been a revolving door lately now that Bug One is no longer in his crib.

I am thankful that these bugs don't bite, and are pretty cute. (Well, they do occassionally bite each other.)


Anne said...

Are Bug One & Bug Two anything like Thing One & Thing Two? If so you may have bigger problems. They are very cute though!

Julie Johnson said...

That was laugh out loud funny! Bug One and Bug Two have the cutest little faces I have ever seen! Mom's post made me laugh too! (mainly because she's right) Bug One and Bug Two might be cousins of Thing One and Thing Two!

Anonymous said...

Bug One and Bug Two kick and their toes seem to fit perfectly between ribs. I also notced that they seem to have an amazing sense of the earths electromagnetic field because no matter how you arrange/rearrange them they always return to a position where their heads point North and feet South - perpindicualr to the bed's occupants - and idealy situated to provide the kinds of kicks mentioned earier.