May 3, 2010

Someone Pooped in the Pool

And thank God it wasn't MY child!

After the 5 o'clock mad dash, with feeding the kids, changing their clothes, and getting ready for swimming, we rushed to Nate's swim lessons.

It was 80 degrees outside and a perfect night for swimming. In fact, it's safe to say it was the best night we've had so far.

Doug surprised us and came home early, so I left Jack to bond with Doug for the next 30 minutes. Typically I spend the 30 minutes during Nate's lessons running after Jack making sure he doesn't jump into the pool, or run on to grass that has a giant sign, "Keep Off".

Tonight though, I had the opportunity to sit on a quiet bench, by myself, by a pool for 30 minutes on a beautiful night. I was tempted to bring a magazine, but didn't feel like being judged by the parents with the video cameras.

My plan was sadly foiled. We arrived at the pool to see chaos had broken out. Nobody was in the pool, and a lot of parents with soaking wet kids were standing around looking confused. I asked one of the father's what happened. He said, "I'm not quite sure, they've shut the pool down.". Then I looked at a mother and I knew what happened. She said, "Somebody pooped in the pool!"Oh right, the fecal matter in the pool situation. I've seen this happen before.

I have to admit I was pretty annoyed. I was looking forward to my 30 minutes of fun in the sun.

Then it hit me. I should be thankful tonight. This could have been a very different blog post. Some poor mother is sitting at home tonight wondering why she didn't double diaper her child, and hoping this doesn't effect her priority enrollment for the next round of lessons.

Since I don't believe in rotten endings, we drowned out sorrows in visiting the opening day of a new Frozen Yogurt store! Gummy Bears and Reeses Pieces on top hit the spot for one 4 year old.

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Julie Johnson said...

The title alone makes me laugh!