May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

It's always a treat when my parents come to visit, but having them come on Mother's Day weekend was even better. When they arrived on Saturday the kids were so excited they just ran through the house, literally, back and forth with pure joy. (Picture a puppy when you come home from work.)

On really special weekends my dad will bring his tool set, and fix everything we've been saving for him. This weekend we needed curtains hung in Jack's room, the hinges on the toy box fixed, and the bikes hung in the garage. He brought his power tools, so he was up for the challenge. The boys loved to watch Grandpa at work, and typically "helped" by throwing a toy or two underfoot just as he was balancing with a drill in his hand. They have a lot to learn, hopefully they were picking up tips through osmosis.

Mother's day started out a bit rocky with a bloody nose on Jack, but it significantly improved as the day went on. My mom and I snuck out to get some lunch and stimulate the econony at Stanford Mall. Doug and the kids gave me some much needed running essentials. I got the very cool pedometer from Nike + that slips in your shoe and then plugs in to your IPOD. So now when I run I have a very polite lady interrupt my music with a sweet little messsage about my distance, pace, and how much further to go. It's like having your very own cheerleader built into your ear! Because of her, I was able to run a 5K yesterday, and one today. I love to hear her voice when she says, "You are half way there!" I think I'll send a letter to Nike asking if they can have her suggest a few menus for dinner, maybe what I should wear today, or what my calendar looks like when my run is over. Come to think of it, I've put too much responsibility on "her". I need a personal assistant.
Maybe I can ask for that next Mother's Day!

So not only did I burn a few hundred calories on my quest for a bikini body, I got to spend Mother's Day shopping with my Mom, and my wonderful dad put our life back in order! We can now get two cars in the garage. Life is simple.....on Mother's Day!

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Deb said...

How fun! Hey congrats on the garage :o)