May 23, 2010

The 2nd birthday!

20 kids under 5
35 minutes of trampoline time
40 minutes of pretend play
5 pepperoni pizzas
1 puppet show
= Jack's 2nd birthday party!

We celebrated with all of Jack's closest buddies today at the new Playspace in Menlo Park called UME.
It's the cleanest, most organized children's event center I've ever been to. The coordinators were better than most weddings. Infact it was uncanny how many similarities there were to our wedding.

1. As soon as I thought about refilling a juice box another one appeared.
2. There was quite the anticipation about the favors from a few guests. (It's all about the goody bags.)
3. The cake was lemon flavored. (He who orders it, get's their favorite flavor.)
4. The photographer forgot to get a family shot!
5. We're up to our ears in gift boxes. (Thankfully no styrofoam popcorn was included.)
6. I'm sure we went over our budget.....but it was worth every penny.
7. We didn't have to clean up, and the cake was packed in a to-go box.

The true test for the birthday boy is the nap-o-meter. The more fun and excitement Jack has, the longer the afternoon nap. The results = two hours of a solid sleep, for both Jack and mom. Wearing out Jack is hard to do! All in all it was a success!

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