April 5, 2010

Though shall teach my child to swim!

After 4 1/2 years and 3 swim schools later, we found our match....his name is Jonathan. He is Nathan's new swim teacher, and my new hero. It's been a long journey...

I started Nathan in swim school when he was 6 months old. That first lesson he screamed so loud we couldn't hear the instructor, or the song she was singing to soothe the other children. Needless to say, he wasn't quite ready.

Then at 2 1/2 years, I enrolled him in another school. This time, the swim fins set him off. He refused to get in the water if he had to wear the fins, and the instructor said those were the rules.  That's the year I got swim credit. It's similar to store credit where you'll never shop that store again, but you need to find something you like or else they'll keep your $150 dollars.

Well, third time's a charm. I cashed in my store credit..... for Jonathan. I knew when I saw the smile on Nate's face it was a perfect match, (and a good use of my credits).

Four years later, wearing neon green goggles, his choice of course, Nate's finally excited about swim school.  The only minor drawback according to Nathan....the water smelled like pretzels.

Not bad for your first day on the job!


Anne said...

Yea for Nate & three cheers for Mom's perseverance! He will do you proud

Deb said...

Take notes Lori...sequel material!!!!!!

Ride Operator said...

Good point Deb. Definitely the green goggles have to make it in. :)