April 4, 2010

Hunter and Gatherer

We have a Hunter and a Gatherer. At 4 1/2, Nate was the perfect candidate to be let loose on a field freshly decorated with Easter eggs, while Jack hunted for some trouble, and seemed to find it as two different Easter egg hunts.

Our friend's Sally and Tony had a very generous bunny come to their backyard. With over 400 eggs, the kids were in Egg heaven. You could feel the energy when the kids lined up at that door ready to be set free.Well, that is the kids 4 and older. The under 2 crowd had a different agenda. Our soon to be two year old enjoyed digging up their backyard with a garden rake and a trash sweeper. He topped off the mischief by dumping a load of dirt into the bubble maker. He wasn't totally destructive though, at the second Easter egg hunt, he found a dirty dish towel and proceeded to clean their lawn furniture.  Jack never did miss the chocolate though. I would have taken a picture, but it really wasn't something for print.

Nate on the other hand quietly collected every egg he could find, and while the other children played with bubbles, and kicked the soccer ball around, Nate took inventory of his belongings. Doug thinks he might be an accountant.

Thankfully the rain held out until both Easter egg hunts were over. The Easter Bunny must have some good will built with Mother Nature. I on the other hand got caught in a downpour just as I was loading the groceries in the car. All in all though it was a great Sunday.....I managed to sneak in a two hour nap.

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Deb said...

Great photos Lori! Nate is growing up so fast!! You are training your guys well....excellent cleaning and gardening skills. I like it.