March 1, 2010

Off My Axis

All day I kept thinking, there aren't enough hours in the day. I made a list a mile long, and by 2pm hadn't even made a dent. This was pretty unusual for me. Typically I can crank out a list by 8AM, and have 90% done by noon. I was running low on energy. I tried some extra caffeine at lunch, I think that just led to a headache.
Then I got home and turned on the news. Let's see if I missed any more 8.8 earthquakes. For the five minutes that I have to watch the news, I need the Cliff Notes version. Just give me the recap of the major events, and I'll be on my way.

Today Nate was asleep when I got home so I had a few extra minutes to listen to the World events. Brian Williams was talking about the magnitude of the recent Chilean earthquake. "To put it in perspective," he said, "the quake was so big it literally knocked the earth off it's axis and shortened the day by a few millionths of a second."

Well there you have it. Thank God I turned on the news, it's not just me, the whole world was off it's axis! And now I have the excuse I need. Everything will NOT get done, because the day was shorter.  I'm sure in that millionth of a second I could have:
  • Returned 25 emails
  • Created a website
  • Written a Sales training course
  • Planned an event
  • Approved a Purchase Order
  • Submitted my Expense Report
  • Paid 5 bills
  • Returned 6 calls
  • Gone grocery shopping
  • Edited 5 chapter in a book
But for now, I'll rest well knowing that some things are literally out of my control. i.e. plate tectonics.

P.S. I did find time for a run though. At least I got my endorphins for the day.


Anne said...

And I thought Nate & Jack knocked the earth off it's axis

Deb said...

I told this in my watercolor class last night and had the them howling! thanks for the material!