January 26, 2010


I had every intention to exercise today. I managed to pack my gym bag, AND put it in the car. I told Doug I would be home around 6pm after heading to the gym. At around 5:15 I sat at work with two choices. Either head to the gym and run for 30 min. or go home and eat dinner. I was WEAK. Not only did I choose dinner, it just so happened Doug ordered pizza. He said it was 50% off night at Round Table.

Great, kick me while I'm down!
So after NOT working out, and eating one too many slices I was feeling incredibly healthy. Just when I was at my lowest, along came a voice of reason.....

"Let's do some yoga Mommy!"

Now that was an idea I could get behind. So out to the car I went to grab my gym clothes. Somehow it felt better to use the clothes I packed then to grab something out of my closet. Maybe it had something to do with my closet being at the top of the stairs. (It was clearly not one of my better nights.)

Nate proceeded to set up two mats in the middle of the playroom. We first tried a few traditional yoga moves, and then Nate showed me a few of "his" yoga moves. Each one was harder than last, and sometimes physically impossible for an adult but somehow doable for a 4 year old.

Each new move brought on extreme pain, but with them came hysterical laughter. We laughed for a good 30 minutes. It was everything I needed in a work out! I finished with more energy than I started with, and a smile on my face.

The motto of the night. It's important to find a reliable work out partner.


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Anne said...

It just keeps getting better! Love you both thanks for my daily dose of humor xoxo