February 13, 2011

My Little Helpers

I was trying to remember my weekends before kids...and I can't. (I must have watched a lot of TV.) If I did try to accomplish anything, it was done at a casual pace.

My weekends now.....not so casual, and the pace.....it's directly related to the amount of sleep everyone got.

I now prioritize what needs to get done, and what I could realistically get done.... with the boys in tow. The key is to find a project that will keep them occupied long enough that they are interested, semi-helpful, and is achievable in a short time frame ie. 2 hours. The end goal can't be perfection, it has to be "good enough".

Yesterday we gardened!

It started off relatively calm. They both had shovels, and specific jobs. Our goal was to plant three pots of flowers and clear out the weeds.

Right on schedule, at the two hour mark, our timer went off.
After watering the flowers, and the dirt, then came the mud.

Jack and mud don't mix. It was time to evaluate our day's work, and decide the project was over. Our flowers were successfully in the pots, most of the weeds had been cleared out. Yep....it's good enough.

I forgot to mention I had a superhero show up half way through the project.

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Anne said...

Looking very nice the flowers and the haircuts! Just think what life will be like with THREE :)