February 16, 2011

Mad Science

When I come home at night, I scan the kitchen table for any urgent school forms, bills to be paid, or daily happenings that need my attention. Mari is fantastic about putting all the kid's school notices in plain sight.

On Monday I came home, scanned the table, saw a piece of artwork from Jack, Nate's lunch box, a few pieces of mail, and worms. Wait what?


It took a minute for my brain to process what I was looking at. It was a flyer titled, Caring for your Worms, and directly on top of the flyer was a cup filled with....you guessed it, worms! (Luckily there was a lid on it.)

Now somewhere back in 1984 I didn't have a problem with worms, but as years passed I evolved. In 2011, I can safely say I don't want to see worms on my kitchen table, in the exact spot I eat dinner.

I picked up the flyer and started reading. I was actually curious, how do you care for worms? About half way through the instructions Nate walked up and proceeded to describe all the "important" facts about worms.

"They don't have teeth."
"They breeth through holes in their bodies."
"They live in dirt and come to the surface when they need air." (Pretty sure this one is only half true, but I could be wrong.)

The flyer states that the worms should be set free in two weeks. TWO WEEKS?
Luckily Nate woke up yesterday and decided that two weeks were up! We needed to set them free today! Thank God! (This is one time I'm thankful we haven't reinforced the calendar too much.)

I happily agreed, and proceeded to take them outside to our newly planted garden. Nate said, "They have to be buried deep!
"Oh don't worry about that Nate, I'll put them so far down in the dirt we won't see them for a while!"

Thankfully Jack's handy work over the weekend happened to leave a large hole in the dirt, that was just the perfect spot to dump/free our worms.

I'll be sending a thank you note to the Mad Science instructor, with a special mention to stick to bubbles and volcanoes. I don't have to feed them!

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Anne said...

I can't stop laughing!