January 29, 2011

Nesting Season

Well, I've finally done it. I've taken on a few too many things, and I'm going to blame it on a very powerful force...."nesting".

Nesting - the tendency to arrange one's immediate surroundings, to create a place where one feels secure, comfortable, or in control. (They forgot to add, totally insane.)

I underlined the three most important words, none of which are in my vocabulary today.

Now that I'm six months pregnant, I feel I have swallowed a ticking time bomb. Not for the obvious reason you would suspect. My time bomb has more to do with the ability to bend time in space or lack there of as the big day draws closer. For me, one of the most frustrating parts of being pregnant is not being able to keep up with the same physical pace my life is accustomed to. I pride myself on accomplishing 20 things before breakfast, and moving heavy furniture whenever I feel the urge. I know that after 30+ weeks, my belly will seriously limit my movement. I'm 25.5 weeks...hence the time bomb.

The past two weeks kicked off the official "nesting" season. Here is what I've taken on.....and the reasons why I don't feel secure, comfortable, or in control.

Decision ONE - The playroom - I couldn't take the clutter of toys any longer. Hanukkah and Christmas pushed me over the edge. I decided I needed cabinet doors to hide the plastic jungle.  I quickly found out a cabinet sale online is dangerous. Of course the cabinets arrived sooner than expected. Doug put together one set last weekend, and decided the other set would have to wait until today. (That conversation didn't go so well.) In the process of moving all the toys out of the current cabinets, we created a make shift playroom in the Living Room and it now looks like a tornado ripped through it.
Highlight of the week - I sold the IKEA wall unit a day after I posted it online. Decision ONE...DONE

Decision TWO - Move the boys into one room. This is not even close to being done, but I did measure the walls and sketched out furniture placement. Doug doesn't believe I do this, because whenever he asks if something will fit, I say, "Yeah, I think so". (Sure enough...it always fits.)

Decision THREE - Paint the kids' rooms. This was a lot harder than I thought. I knew I couldn't do it myself with paint fumes and all, so I decided to save my pennies and hire a painter. When I say "pennies" I mean hundreds and hundreds of them. I'm for sure in the wrong business. After I received a few quotes, I seriously considered hiring my children to paint four walls. I ended up finding a man who gave me a bargain.  I hope the saying, "You get what you pay for" doesn't hold true. He showed up today, bought the paint and has been working hard ever since. Decision THREE... half way done.

Decision FOUR - Purchase furniture for the baby's room. I've decided that any piece of future furniture we bring into this house has to last for at least 10 years. I'm tired of buying and selling furniture. My first purchase....a very girly dresser which was promptly delivered today to the upstairs hallway. We quickly realized that we also need a bed, for the very late nights we'll be experiencing shortly. Purchase number two....a cute white bed. And of course along with the bed a pink rug, pink sheets....etc etc....Decision FOUR - DONE. (Exception - All new furniture scattered throughout our home unassembled in HUGE boxes.

You'll see from the pictures that having a dresser in the middle of your hallway, a crib blocking your laundry room, a train table in your bedroom, and bins of scrap paper....I mean "art work" blocking your hall closet, somehow kill the feeling of security, being comfortable and in control very quickly!  Hopefully Nesting season, doesn't last as long as Hunting Season.

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Anne said...

Love the furniture- You're almost there , at least everything is bought and delivered! Think how lovely everything will look once assembled. Your nest is almost done and in plenty of time for the new hatchling!