January 21, 2011

Birthday (Take Two)

I have high hopes for 2011. I know it will be a good year....but last weekend, not so much.
For the past few years, we've taken the boys to Ghiradelli Square and celebrated my birthday. We would eat at Lori's Diner (amazing city views), and then have ice cream sundays at the chocolate factory. This year we were going to change it up a bit.

Jack 2009 (Chocolate Factory)
Nate 2009 (Lori's Diner)
The boys have never been on a boat , so our plans WERE to take the Ferry across the Bay and have brunch on the water.
On Thursday Nate threw up.
On Saturday Jack threw up.
On Sunday Lori threw up (my actual b-day), and......
On Monday Doug threw up.

 It took until today for all four of us to eat a full meal again.

So this weekend I demand a re-do. Since I'm not married to the Cake Boss, I kicked off the weekend making my own cake. I've been watching the show the Next Great Baker, and thought, "how hard can that be?" Well, after spelling Happy Birthday Lori, I had a kink in my neck. I'm clearly NOT the Next Great Baker.

My Masterpiece
Amazing how fast they grow in two years!
I'm convinced Jack thought it was his birthday.
Nate was in a crabby mood, so he stood on the sidelines sulking. He wasn't allowed to eat cake because he boycotted dinner, so he refused to sing too. Jack was more than happy to cover for him.

I won't let that ruin the start to a perfectly healthy weekend!

It's supposed to be beautiful tomorrow, close to 70 in San Francisco, so we've booked our Ferry tickets, and made reservations for Brunch. Wish us luck.....

Happy Birthday to ME!

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Anne said...

Happy Birthday! Have a Great boat ride and a wonderful day- Cake looked Good! xoxo