December 20, 2010

1/2 Way Baked

My "Think Pink" campaign worked.

I had my 20 week ultrasound today, and saw our new baby girl. I'm still in disbelief. I had to ask the technician to check twice. He was so sure of himself that I couldn't believe he could tell that easily. I guess we'll find out in May how good his skills really are, or end of April as I like to tell everyone. I'm due around May 10th, but the boys both came early, so if history repeats itself (and it usually does), I'm taking bets on April 29th.

Since Mari is gone for two weeks, Doug and I are busy juggling work and the boys. I didn't have much time to day dream today about life with a girl. When I did have a fleeting moment here were my initial thoughts. Don't judge me, I'm pregnant, and think I'm a little sleep deprived already.

1. I can't wait to buy her a dollhouse with all the furnishings, and change the mini holiday decorations as needed.
2. Oh no, what if she tells me she hates me when she's a teenager.
3. I hope she doesn't have a big head. I think boys can pull that off a little better and it still took Jack two years to pull his off.
4. Wow. We get to throw a wedding...and then the moment of panic, we better save for that.
5. I get to take her to a tea party, dress her in polka dot tights, and bring her to the American Doll store.
6. I fear my house my look like somebody threw up Pepto Bismol after my mom and sister unleash the pent up need to buy pink.
7. I can't wait to see Doug with a little girl. I just know she'll be a Daddy's girl.

As you can see my thoughts are little random at this point. I'm sure more will come over the next few days. I did however find time to get lost online in Gymboree. I've never ventured into the "Baby Girl" section before. My God, I was missing out. I was overwhelmed by so many options. I almost splurged on an asymmetrical swimsuit, that was called the "diva", but I went for the traditional corduroy jumper instead.  This was my first purchase. (Adorable pink cardigan not shown.)

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