June 8, 2010


On Tuesday June 8th, Nathan offically declared he is no longer my little boy, and there are four reasons why.
1. He can get dressed on his own. (Today's pick actually matched.)
2. He can get his own juice in the morning.
3. He can buckle his own seatbelt.
4. He can get his own cereal.

I know one day, I'll say, "When did you get taller than me?" and I'll cry when he graduates from Jr. High,  High School, and College, but today I'm feeling very thankful.

I'm thankful that he CAN do all these things. I'm thankful he's maturing at a normal pace, (some days faster than others.) and most importantly I'm thankful that he's a growing up to be a kind little (I mean big) boy.

We've both been sick with the flu for the past week. Nate's stomach flu lasted until last Friday , and mine is just wrapping up. I witnessed first hand that he does indeed have empathy. Every so often he would come into my room and check on me. He moved my water glass to make room for new gatorade, and delivered some crackers, each time asking, "Are you doing any better Mommy?"

Last night before going to bed he said, "Mom I want to buy you a gift to cheer you up."
How sweet, what are you going to buy me?"
He replied, "Make-up."
Oh great. Thanks! (I'm sure it was the thought that counts, right?)

With only 2 days left of Preschool, and the fact that he'll be turning 5 in August, my little boy is feeling his age and independence. I'm happy for him....and for us!

Frankly I'm sick of pouring Apple Juice!


Deb said...

Oh, wow, this brings a tear to my eye. Your boy! He's growing up!
Hope you are feeling better and the color is back in your face.....

Anne said...

Jack's in trouble if you're sick of pouring apple juice- My little Natey turning big it really brings a tear to this Grandma xoxo