May 14, 2010


I have a new assignment.... and I've chosen to accept it!

My job is to blog about specific Disney releases on a soon to be launched website, called  I'll be one of 3 moms who will be reviewing the latest Disney movies and providing my "expert" opinion. They've chosen mom's from various backgrounds, locations, and children's ages.

I feel prepared for this assignment. I think my "training" will pay off. I've been working hard over the past 5 years to sharpen my children's movie watching skills by:
1. Not falling asleep
2. Fake laughing at appropriate parts
3. Covering the kid's eyes during nightmare inducing scenes

Now my time has come to put my hard earned skills to work.  

My first Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland!

You can look for my review on Monday 5/17/2010 when the site goes live!

Signing off to take on my 1st mission!

Lori - Lori Willbanks

1 comment:

Julie Johnson said...

Who is going to cover your eyes during nightmare inducing scenes???Those Disney movies can be pretty SCARY!