March 14, 2010

Nathan Scissor Hands

While I was enjoying my nice hot shower, and my few minutes of peace......Nathan Scissor Hands struck again.
Remember the preschool report card last week? The one that said Nathan had developmentally appropriate cutting skills. I would like to revisit that. Would he still get that high rating if he used his "developmentally appropriate" skills in a destructive manner?

He came running into the bathroom with a confession. "Sorry Mommy!"
I know it can't be good when he volunteers an apology.
Of course my first question was, "What happened?" Followed by, "Is Jack o.k.?"
"Oh, he's fine, but I used scissors and cut my bed."
"What do you mean?"(I"m picturing a tiny hole in his comforter or something.)
"Nate, I'll be out of the shower in a minute, I'll talk to you about this then."
Here I was yelling..."Doug....Doug" (Any bit of peace I was experiencing was now gone.)
I quickly dried off and found Doug. I asked him what was going on. His reply, "You need to punish him because I can't stop laughing, and it's not something to laugh about." 

This is what I found.

It's a little hard to tell from the picture, but if you look at the netting on the guard rail, that used to be intact. After Nate's scissor hands got a hold of it, we now have a gaping hole that resembles the side of a tent. Only there is no zipper to close the tent window.
I really wasn't expecting this much damage from Nate. It's a little out of character, so I when I walked in his room I gasped. Laughter came over me too. I think because it was so unexpected.
I walked out of the room because I needed to gain my composure.
When I asked him why he did it, he said he was making a slide and then proceeded to stick his legs through the hole to show me how it worked.
I told him he will now roll off the bed because the guard rail is merely just a rail, no guard.
His response, "I'll just sleep near the wall."
The punishment was a week without his new Star Wars spaceship. He asked me which one, and I tried to describe it as best I could, but the conversation lasted for 5 minutes.
"Is it the one with the Robot Mommy?
"You know, the one with the shooting things Nate. The one we just bought"
"But which one?"
Finally Doug overheard us going back and forth, and shouted, "Ye,s it's the one with the robot."
Thank God, I was living in Star Wars descriptive hell. And now I know that crazy looking figure is a robot. I would have pegged him for a skeleton.

This evening we'll be waiting to the hear the thud come from Nate's room when he rolls through his new "slide". I guess that's one lesson he'll learn the hard way. Literally.


Anonymous said...

The picture is just perfect- I'd say he has advanced scissor skills

Anne said...

The picture clearly shows that Nathan has advanced scissor skills as well as a creative mind xoxo

Deb said...

OMG he must have had so much fun....pillows on the floor tonight for a soft landing!