July 7, 2010

It's Just Nice to be Nominated!

Tonight I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that somebody nominated me for the "Best Parenting Blog" on Blogger's Choice '10 Awards.

Most likely it was my Mom or my Sister, but since it's 10:25PM I can't really call to find out. (Not unless of course, I want to hear, "What..What's the matter...everything O.K.? in a tone of sheer panic.)

I can't remember the last time I was up for an award. I use the term "up" very loosely. I have a whopping 1 vote. But hey, everybody has to start somewhere.

It brings me back to high school when we would hang flourescent posters with ridiculous sayings.

Vote for Lori S. - she'll clean up the mess! (I was running for Treasurer).

In fact, thinking back, I never once handled any money, or even looked over a financial sheet. The one thing I do remember is using my "free" time in Leadership class to make pep rally posters. (Apparently the budget had already been balanced.)

Well, times have definitely changed. I now have no "free" periods, and write more checks each week than I care to try and balance. 

Rather than hang a brightly colored poster, I'll self promote on my blog.
Wow, 2010 really is turning out like the Jetson's said it would.

So if you would like to Vote for Lori W. for a Bloggers Choice Award, you can click the link below. I hope the winner gets a cool surf board like the "Kid's Choice Awards"


By the way, nothing rhymes with Lori W. I knew there was another advantage to keeping my maiden name.


Julie Johnson said...

I voted! Remember to thank me in your acceptance speech!

Anne said...

And don't forget to give credit to your Mother! I voted also